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What's in the Woo Inner Circle

Live Instruction & Workshops

Expert lead live instruction with audience interaction to make sure you fully understand and can implement the steps without issue.

Your Profit Maximization Kit

We've tested all of the plugins, strategies, and guru hacks to find the solutions that really get you results you want to see.

Strategist In Your Corner

Our experts have 20 years in business and are eager to share their expertise so you can reach those lofty goals you've set for yourself.

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Maximize your eCommerce income with our expert lead live instruction & workshops. We love helping online entrepreneurs build ecommerce based websites to sell not only products, but subscriptions, memberships, online courses, print on demand, & dropshipping.

"Cynthia is AMAZING! Very knowledgeable and supportive (which is SO helpful for people like me who want to be techy, but just aren't) She made my idea into a reality and held my hand the whole time so I was learning at the same time. I know my online business will thrive with her by my side!"
Janica Jammes-Larson

About The Instructor

Cynthia Schomp

Cynthia has been building websites professionally for 20 years. This inner circle brings you through the steps she takes for every client¬† she works with to make sure their online store is built with marketing in mind & their marketing plan is getting the best results possible. It’s loaded with brilliant solutions, tips and tricks to help you build a website that converts website visitors into customers, this is definitely not just how to set up and create a beautiful site. It’s everything you need to ensure you’re generating the income you desire.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

The woo inner circle

The Support You Need To Generate Profits Online powered By WooCommerce

This is the support system you need to create a high quality persuasive ecommerce website the pros don’t share.

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If you are serious about your WooCommerce Store the Woo Inner Circle is right for you! Become a WooCommerce Pro while growing your online store, and meet, support and work with other Ecommerce Store Owners just like yourself

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